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How safe is the air in your home?

Your home is where you and your family spend nearly 90% of your time indoors*!

The dangers of dirt air in your home.

Most homes have poor air quality

Most families have someone who suffers from health issues aggravated by poor indoor air quality. According to the EPA and the American Lung Association, indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. That’s because every home generates and traps millions of potentially harmful airborne particles, pathogens and gases that are constantly inhaled and absorbed by everyone in the home.

Air impurities in your home.

SecureAir Whole-House Air Purification

APEX Smart Home is proud to offer the SecureAir Whole House Air Purifier. SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control is the only technology that transports hazardous indoor air pollutants to be captured and INACTIVATED™ within the filter.

SecureAire’s technology provides some of the highest levels of indoor air quality that the HVAC industry has ever seen. SecureAir offers the only product that provides active particle control. Case studies demonstrate that the technology performs beyond any type of standard filtration.

Is the air in my home clean and safe?

As air moves through your heating and cooling system, harmful particles like mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke and even airborne dust are NOT transported to the filters in your system, due to their lack of weight. Standard filters are not active and cannot kill pathogens. SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control provides for the transport of these harmful airborne contaminants and when captured by the SecureAire System are INACTIVATED, thus creating an extremely Healthy, Clean, Safe and Energy Efficient Indoor Environment.

including viruses, bacteria, and mold

While portable air cleaners can provide a certain level of effectiveness in individual rooms, SecureAire’s Whole Home System is professionally installed into your central heating and cooling system. This creates the ability to Transport hazardous indoor air pollutants from every room in your home to the SecureAire Filter.
With an APEX Smart Home installed SecureAir whole-house air purification system, you’ll have the safest, healthiest, and cleanest indoor air possible for you and your family

Is the air in my home clean and safe?

The Advanced and Patented 4-Step Process

Step 1: Condition

Particles entering the SecureAire System become electrically conditioned.

Step 2: Collision

Thousands of times a second, conditioned particles are forced to collide, gaining weight in the process.

Step 3: Capture & Inactivate

Collisions make particles larger and heavier thus easier to capture within the filter media. Once captured, any viable pathogens will be inactivated or killed.

Step 4: Transport

The smallest particles not yet captured are again electrically conditioned and propelled back into the airspace. There, they attract and attach to other small particles to gain weight, allowing them to be transported from the airspace to the SecureAire filter.

Why a Whole-Home Air Purification System?

SecureAire’s Whole-Home Air Purification System is professionally installed into your central heating and cooling system, purifying the air in every room of your home. Our patented technology transports and inactivates particulates, harmful VOCs, and health-threatening pathogens, creating a safer, healthier, and cleaner home for you and your family.

Proven Performance, Low Maintenance

SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology has been proven in hospitals and LEED-certified commercial buildings to exceed even the best air filtration standards. It’s reliable and easy to maintain. Just replace the disposable filter when notified, typically every 12 months. Your family deserves the safest, healthiest, and cleanest air possible.

Save Energy, Save Money, Have Peace of Mind

Along with cleaning the air, SecureAire’s Whole-Home Air Purification System can save you money by keeping your heating and cooling equipment clean, maintaining maximum efficiency, and extending service life without costly repairs. SecureAire is backed by a 5-year 100% full-replacement product warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews

5-Star Review

Jose did an excellent job installing my water softener. Very knowledgeable, professional, and an expert in the subject. Thanks to him and Apex I now have potable clean water. No more hard water that leaves dirt, grime, and scale. Not to mention the excellent security system they also installed.

Diamond Fenderson

5-Star Review

Now that everything has been installed and we’ve been using the water the past three days I haven’t used lotion once and my hair is way softer! The dishes I used to hold water are spotless since there’s nothing in it to leave a ring or spots (of course) … I am amazed. I 100% recommend Apex Smart Home to help you find the best water filtration system for your home.

Tiffany Mendoza

5-Star Review

APEX is very professional I have both their alarm and water solutions for my new home. The water in my area is extremely hard and this system makes all of the faucets drinkable. I have compared prices with other companies and this system is extremely affordable. Extremely happy and willing to reccomend to anyone.

Elliot O’Hare

5-Star Review

Just one day.  JUST ONE DAY!!!  In one day my skin feels so much better.  I am not itching!  I am clean. Well worth the money in just one day!!!  Jose is fabulous.

Dixie D Terrell

5-Star Review

The team was really fantastic! Knowledgeable, answered all my questions, took time to teach me about my system and they were all so friendly. I am so excited that I don’t have to buy my water any longer and can make my grandson’s bottles with no worry!
I will absolutely be recommending them!  Thank you Apex team!

Gina Campbell

5-Star Review

A HUGE shout out to our awesome sales consultant, Brittney LaBrutta!! She went out of her way to make sure our appointment went smoothly! Installation was fast and seamless. She educated us on how the water softener worked and we couldn’t wait to try it. Thanks a bunch APEX!!

Belinda Trevino Cantu

Who is Apex Smart Home?

APEX Smart Home is San Antonio’s and Houston’s premier air purification company with over 60+ years of combined service industry experience.
APEX offers comprehensive and customized plans for your home or business with prices and service value that can’t be beaten. We stand behind not only the products we use but also the people we entrust to get your system installed and serviced.
As a leading home technology provider, APEX Smart Home offers home security, automation, surveillance, energy management, whole-house air purification and water conditioning to thousands of customers throughout Texas.

I want to learn about making the air in my home clean and safe.

Award-Winning service.

APEX Smart Home is San Antonio’s premier home service provider. Trust one Award-Winning company for home service needs including security systems and fire alarms, solar panel systems, water softeners, water filtration and conditioning, air purification systems, and home renovation.

Every Team member at APEX Smart Home is dedicated to high ethical standards and total customer satisfaction.

APEX Smart Home was proud to be recently awarded the Torch Award for Ethics by the Better Business Bureau.

Better Business Bureu Torch Award for Ethics

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